Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Return To Chess

Five years. That's how long I've been away from chess and now, I have the "bug", more than ever and a fervent desire to improve my game to a level I thought unattainable in prior years.

A few years ago, I left the chess scene as a Class C player and have recently returned; joining the Metrowest Chess Club to help me get back in the saddle. The club is conveniently close to home and an easy stop on the way home from work. Perfect! MCC is quite active with a wide range of chess talent and good people. I will be a regular here for sure.

In addition to joining the local club, I plan to engage regional tournaments annually. My favorites include: Massachusetts Open, Continental Open, Bradley Open, Foxwoods Open, Vermont Spring Open and the New England Open.

Moreover, I hired a chess coach to help me with my game, especially in the area of strategy and calculations. My goal is to attain a rating jump of 200 - 400 points over the next eighteen month span.

Back to the game study I love; opening theory, endgame study, calculation training, Fritz...Chessbase10. Awsome...here's wishing me well!

Rating Watch: 1405